An excellent tool for capturing and sorting information, calculating and graphing spreadsheets, your spreadsheets can come alive with an advanced touch.

I have found many organisations run multiple spreadsheets capturing similar information with individual sheets and graphs created and saved for daily reporting removing the ability to cross reference and report between periods.  Creation of macro enabled spreadsheets with data entry areas, registers of the data entered, data retrieval along with connections to change information (such as cost price of goods or number of staff working on shifts) provides a solution all in one workbook with information in one place for easy filtering and trend analysis.


Many organisations have accounting, CRM or other software set up to allow read only connections to the data entered into them.  If you want to create reports taking information from the individual software or a report the software does not cater for, why enter the data into a new spreadsheet or copy it from an export when you could connect your spreadsheet to the data you need and import it where you want it and automatically create the report and graphs you want?